Another common question dealt with in our FAQ is whether you can track mobile phone ’s secretly?  The answer is NO, and there are various places on the FollowUs website where we explain this to our users.

There are strict rules in the UK which ensure that you must get consent before you can track mobile phone’s. This does make sense and helps ensure, in particluar, that vunerable people are protected.

Consent is given by sms’ing a unique pin code back from mobile phone to be tracked. Once the consent is received back by FollowUs, then it is possible to track this mobile phone. Consent to track a mobile need only be given once.

If you need to carry out covert tracking (perhaps you thefts at your work place), then we ask that you please visit our GPS solutions at  There are a variety of products there which should satisfy your requirements. Please call us on 01582 460960 if you need further guidance.

the FollowUs team….